Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Chess.com Study Tools Rock!

Chess.com has updated their post game study tools. The Game Report button is the door to a jackpot of information and tools to help you.

The Report tab like you would expect gives a report on the game. The stats are great and the chart shows the ebb and flow of the game. Then under "Top Themes" are puzzles and lessons based on the themes that were key in the outcome of the game. This is a great new learning tool.

Next click on the Analysis tab. Here you can step through move by move and see recommendations with lines. Key moments in the game are color coded. 

Use the Retry tab to play the game over from a key position.

Want to see more statistics? Click the Details tab.

Last but not least is the Openings tab. I think it interesting to step through the moves until it says the database cannot find that move. It's a good bet that it is a move worth researching. See why no one has played that move. There is probably something wrong with it.

These new tools make Chess.com a much better place to study and learn from your games.

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  1. Only one real problem...
    The quality of the analysis.
    It's very poor.
    This makes it not only useless, but harmful in cases.
    Yeah everything's nice and the user interface/experience is cool. Bottom line though, they're going to charge for these "improvements". Where's the real value proposition? Is it an inferior version of Stockfish 10 which free?

    1. See my latest post on Computer Aided Analysis https://www.chesstech.info/2019/09/computer-aided-analysis.html Any computer analysis is worthless if you don't do some work yourself. All versions of Stockfish are free. Theirs is running on a server and can quickly give a good analysis of the whole game. As users we need to be responsible for stepping through the game and finding the key moves.