Saturday, December 17, 2022

Novag Citrine Game - 2006 Computerized Board

 Set at 3 minutes per move the Novag Citrine held it's own. I played my moves but blunder checked in half a dozen places to keep the game at a high level. Some of the tactics that the Novag made it's way through were pretty impressive for a 2006 computer.

Click the 3 dots to bring up options. Like an analysis board in any position.

Monday, December 12, 2022

Amazon Fire Tablet - Install Lichess, Aimchess, and more.

 I have a Amazon Fire 7 9th generation. Amazon's app store is void of key chess apps. See my article on installing on a Fire 7 (click here). Today I installed Lichess and Aimchess apps on my tablet.

First you will need to install an apk downloader in your browser (Google's Chrome). 

Also I use Dropbox to transfer to the tablet. Dropbox is available in the Amazon App Store. 

Find the chess app in the Google Play store. Run the apk downloader. Select your device configuration as close as you can. Download it to Dropbox.

Open Dropbox on your tablet and run the apk. You may have to try a several versions to find one that works. I had to use Aimchess version 1.3 instead of the latest 1.7. I don't know the difference. I think they are just a way of connecting to the website anyway.

So I've installed, Everyman Chess Books Viewer, Lichess, and Aimchess using this method. They all work on my tablet. I hope this helps someone. Be sure to follow the blog if you like the content. Also let me know if you have another technology issue. I'll try to find a solution. 

Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Chess Books Still A Great Study Resource

 I admit it. I love chess books. However I find them hard to follow. So I really like the Everyman Chess books. You can buy and download a book as an ebook, Kindle book, Chessbase format, and PGN file. This gives you options to view the material and have a board to move through the variations. The ability to go off on variations and jump back to the main line. Also you can check the evaluation of a line with a chess engine. Here is a link to Everyman's guide to the various formats.

There is just one problem. They don't actually sell the hard copy of the books any more. So I wanted a couple of books to work on an opening repertoire. I found them at and

So now I have these two books in every format. Here are some screen shots of the books in various viewers.

Kindle Book


As a pgn file in SCID vs PC a free chess database program.

I hope this helps you rediscover chess books and using them to study. Let me know if I can provide any additional information. 

Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Aimchess The Computer As Coach!

 Aimchess Review

A data driven Chess Coach. My favorite feature is Aimchess will pull your games from and/or and use them to develop study plans for you. Find your weak moves and pose them in the form of a puzzle.

You can have Aimchess pull games from as far back as you want. It will analyze them and give you data driven charts on your weaknesses and strengths.    

Then Aimchess develops a daily study exercise plan to improve your play.

Their video is wild but buried in there is the info they want to share.
Check it out at I think this is a game changer (pun).

The analysis board has tabs that link to Videos and Courses as well as the Notation. They appear to be geared to the position on the board. Nice!