Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Chess Books Still A Great Study Resource

 I admit it. I love chess books. However I find them hard to follow. So I really like the Everyman Chess books. You can buy and download a book as an ebook, Kindle book, Chessbase format, and PGN file. This gives you options to view the material and have a board to move through the variations. The ability to go off on variations and jump back to the main line. Also you can check the evaluation of a line with a chess engine. Here is a link to Everyman's guide to the various formats.

There is just one problem. They don't actually sell the hard copy of the books any more. So I wanted a couple of books to work on an opening repertoire. I found them at and

So now I have these two books in every format. Here are some screen shots of the books in various viewers.

Kindle Book


As a pgn file in SCID vs PC a free chess database program.

I hope this helps you rediscover chess books and using them to study. Let me know if I can provide any additional information. 

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