Wednesday, March 30, 2022

Favorite Video Sources

 Chess Videos

These are not in any order. Read the brief description to determine if you want to view the material.

Hanging Pawns on YouTube covers all facets of the game. I find his delivery pleasant and understandable. He gets right to the point. So be ready to pause and review.

Anna Rudolf is very entertaining. She branches into other areas but her chess videos are both instructive and entertaining. 

Krishna Prem for beginners openings. He has other videos but his coverage of openings is what I like. he gives the basic ideas and main moves.

agadmator's Chess Channel a lot of chess here. Coverage of events as well as study material. has instructional videos, news, and game reviews. Plus videos from other producers.

I'm just getting started. I'll be editing this list and adding videos. If you have a favorite please share it in the comments or send me a message.

Here are some that were shared with me on by Dr_Risiko. I will have something to say about each one as I have time to check them out. Let me just say that as you look for help with your game or entertainment. Take a quick look at one of their videos. If you don't care for the delivery or can't understand the presenter you are not going to gain much from watching that persons videos. The good news is there are plenty out there so keep looking.

GothamChess IM Levy Rozman's Youtube channel covers a lot of topics. From exposing cheaters, to analyzing top games in the news, to playing various bots. It's entertainment with some learning thrown in.

GM Benjamin Finegold A lot of game analysis and lessons.  

chessbrah's A couple of masters with a variety of content.  

John Bartholomew Chess IM John B. Again a lot of learning here. The main thing is for you to take a look at each of these and see what you want and like.

Rosen Chess IM Eric Rosen. The formula is consistent. Lessons and analysis of top games.

Jonathan Schrantz A chess teacher out of St. Louis Missouri. Lots of lessons here.

I hope you will find two or three here that you enjoy. If you have a channel you want to share leave a comment below.


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