Thursday, March 24, 2022

Study Chess Books On Your Computer

 Study From An ebook!

I like books I really do. However following variations and getting back to the main line leaves me scratching my head. I like to get the book in pgn and ebook formats. Then use readers to follow and study.
Here is my desk setup.

On my laptop is the Kindle reader. The book in this case is "The Modern Defence move by move".

The big second screen is showing the book in pgn format. Using SCID vs PC I can step through the moves and variations and jump back to the main line along with the flow of the book.

If you look closely you will see the text matches the book. With the advantage of comparing the book with a huge database of games, and analysis by an engine (Stockfish 14.1 in this example). I hope this gives you some ideas that will help you study chess from a book / ebook / pgn file. 

Purchase ebooks with pgn files

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