Friday, January 5, 2024

Comparing Analysis (Part 2)

 Comparing Analysis (Part 2)

This was an exciting game between two strong players. Much stronger than I am. Still I did my best to analyze the game. Remember the point of these posts isn't that your analysis be perfect. It's a learning exercise. You have to understand in human terms what makes a move good or bad. You can use the computer to aid you in not missing something, but you can't mimic the computers play but it can help you understand in human terms. Please consider becoming a follower of this blog and leave a comment if you find it useful. Also look back through past post to see if something looks interesting there. 

Thank you.

Human Analysis

Computer Analysis by Fritz 19

Here is another game. Computer Analysis by Stockfish Lite on The annotation is very human like, but it still isn't like the players themselves doing it. Remember the most important lesson is in the part you miss in your analysis.

White's first real error is move 10. Ba3? when Nd2 would have brought the pressure on e4. 

Take a look at how sparce Stockfish comments on this game within SCID vs PC interface. This is still useful to spot errors in the game and what you might have missed in your own analysis.

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