Tuesday, January 2, 2024

Monsterbase 2023

 Monsterbase 2023 for SCID vs PC 4.86 million games.

Unzip for 3 SCID vs PC files. Put them in the C:\Scid vs PC-4.23\bin\data folder. For more details using SCID vs PC databases see my post https://www.chesstech.info/2019/02/scid-vs-pc-databases-part-3.html

So I took Cassiabase 2022 and added thousands of games from 2023 (TWIC & ChessLife) to make Monsterbase2023 (4.86 million games). I have setup a downloadable zip file. Let me know if you decide to download it and what you think of it.

I just want to add. If you want to buy a commercial database or any other software or anything related to chess look first at https://www.chesshouse.com/. I'm not paid in any way to say this. The Chesshouse has the best prices and service and they support the greater chess community.

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