Thursday, April 14, 2022

Chess Lessons Part 1

 For free you can go to and begin lessons. 

Just scroll down and click the Start Lessons button.

They are devidedd into four sections. New To Chess, Beginner, Intermediate, and Expert. They are professionally done. I've played hundreds of tournament games. I am a USCF Local Tournament Director (there is a test). So I know the rules. However I never had any formal training or coaching. So I decided to do all the lessons, even the New To Chess and Beginner sections. I recommend them.

The systematic method employed makes sure you cover all the bases. It's a fast way to learn and get up to speed.

The Advanced lessons can go on after you complete the courses.

I've completed all the Guide lessons, but I still study from some of their unguided lessons. This is a wonderful free resource. I highly recommend it. I recently added a Follow button in the upper left just under the title banner. I hope you will like the blog enough to follow and leave feedback. Thank you.

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