Thursday, April 14, 2022

What About Chess Engines? Part 2

 In What About Chess Engines Part 1 we saw how powerful chess engines can give deep analysis of a complex position. This tool is helpful to point out what moves are strong, but this leaves you to figure out why and the ideas behind each move. This is where Decode Chess with it's AI (Artificial Intelligence) can be a real help. Using Stockfish running on it's servers Decode can analyze a game or position and give a lot of explanations as to the why and ideas behind each move.

I put in our position from Part 1 and let Decode "think" on it. The summery tab came back with a lot of good info. Explaining why Stockfish NNUE (what is NNUE) likes the idea of castling in this position. What are the forces at play. I like the graphics on the board too.

  Clicking on the + sign next to "How to find the best move. +" yields additional information. What is the Idea? the Problem? the Solution? It's all spelled out in a more human way of thinking.

If you click the tabs across the top you can learn even more. What is the role of the pieces involved in this continuation? Again the graphic is very well done.

The next tab deals with the Threats in the position. Before Black makes his move...

... and after.

So besides the best move. What are some other good moves? The "Good Moves" tab shows us.

Next are the "Plans". What is Black wanting to do? What is the problem? and the solution.

Finally the Concepts tab.

Here after expanding the Black uses the open d file concept. We see my original idea Nb6 wasn't totally without merit. I hope you enjoyed this deep dive into chess engines and how they can be used. I'd love to hear your thoughts if you would care to leave feedback below.

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