Thursday, February 14, 2019

SCID on the go

Android SCID functionality is available in the Google Play store. Install SCID on the go. Unfortunately according to the conversations at Sourceforge no iOS version can be expected. 

scid on the go

It's a great app, but I wanted to install other chess engines and databases. You can find apps that install the some of the big name engines like Komodo. After installation Komodo 8 & 9 were available in the selection menu of SCID on the go.

komodo droid

To download and install other engines first make sure it is compiled for your device. If not it won't hurt anything it just won't work. Look for and ARM processor compile. For an example lets use Firenzina. I downloaded it from here...

Unzipped it into a Firenzina folder in my downloads folder. Next you need to get the engine into the scid folder on your phone. I use the app Wifi File Transfer on my phone and Filezilla on my PC to transfer the engine from my PC to the scid folder on the phone. I'm sure this can be done on the phone if you are familiar with file handling on your phone.

firenzina move

To install the new engine use the menu in SCID on the go. Select Manage UCI engines.


Add engine.  And tap the engine you wish to add to light the button to it's right. Next tap the Add button. Now go back to the menu and select Preferences. The top item is Analysis engine... select that and again light the button to the right of the engine you wish to select. Tap off of the menu and back to the main program. Your set. I use the same file transfer method to move SCID vs PC files from my PC to my phone.

Tap the menu again. Then File, and Open database. Navigate to where you put the database you wish to open. You will find much of the functionality with SCID on the go that you use in SCID and SCID vs PC.

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